Mafrica Educational Farm

Exciting moments for families, school groups and groups of visitors


The Educational Farm

The educational farm is a petting farm registered in the regional list of facilities authorized to carry out rural tourism activities. It is an ideal location for adults and children, a haven of pure relaxation, among olive trees and docile animals, where visitors can spend exciting moments immersed in the greenery of nature.

The spaces of the Farm are specially designed and built to accommodate families, school groups and groups of visitors. Through our educational activities, which take place mainly in the open air, we support young people in promoting awareness of biodiversity, low environmental impact social agriculture and the protection of the environment itself through the promotion of environmentally friendly and sustainable behaviour.

From the olive tree to oil

The most important educational path is certainly the one relating to the processing of olives into oil. Children are offered a fun task which consists in transforming themselves as if by magic into real olive growers through the olive harvest, becoming the absolute protagonists themselves. The various phases of the agricultural production chain that allow us to obtain high-quality extra virgin olive oil are then illustrated through the voice of an experienced guide. As part of the educational itinerary, participants are involved in all the various steps: from manual harvesting, through the explanation of the various aid tools, up to the illustration of mechanical harvesting. The main goal is to stimulate young people to approach ancient rural traditions, so that they can learn through discovery, thus developing new knowledge and skills. After the harvest phase in the countryside, we will move to the production facility of the farm, which houses the ultra-modern and technological Oil Mill, the real heart of the whole farm.

From grapes to wine

An educational activity through which children can get closer to the culture of vine, grapes and wine through sensory stimulation. They are invited to follow a path in the vineyard, where they will take an active part in the harvesting and processing of the grapes into must, an opportunity to live a playful and learning experience, which makes them the absolute protagonists of the different production stages.

Bread and oil in the Oil Mill

Following the first workshop part, children visiting our farm will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious healthy and genuine snack, just like it used to be in the past: based on bread baked in a wood oven accompanied by our extra virgin olive oil.

The Initiation to Horseback Riding

Another positive approach for boys is with the horse. Depending on their age, children will have the opportunity to ride and take walks on horseback, in the open air, along the path surrounded by majestic and centuries-old olive trees, in direct contact with nature, thus improving their physical balance and motor skills. They will be able to stroke them without fear, learn about their habits and the care they need and feed them, thus acquiring new knowledge through direct experience.

The Farm animals

All along the way, children will come into direct contact with the farm animals in a free way. They will be able to admire horses, ponies, donkeys and goatlings. This is definitely one of the most unforgettable moments for the little ones, who can socialize with the animals, stroke them, see them eat, hear their cries, discover in a fun way the environment they live in and their habits, which means getting closer to their world, arousing interest and curiosity in each of them.

Donkey care

Adults and children will have the opportunity to become familiar with the donkey, a docile, warm animal, a lover of cuddles and not at all aggressive. Unjustly considered for years a stupid and stubborn animal, suitable only for agricultural work, it is instead endowed with a lively intelligence. Therefore, thanks also to its affectionate nature, it is an excellent teaching tool, suitable for direct contact with children, especially if they are shy, who can develop their self-esteem while acquiring self-confidence and courage. Even anxious individuals can benefit from it, as they can interact with the animal and establish with it a relationship of trust and mutual respect.

Recycling Workshop

This is a very important educational project aimed at explaining to children the value of the environment and the need to safeguard it through the correct use of separate collection as the best way to ensure recycling and showing them how new useful objects can be produced from every unusable object. Special emphasis is also put on the importance of reducing food waste, starting with what is left over on our plates, thus recovering waste and giving value to food and highlighting its importance. Thanks to recycling, pollution is reduced and a better future is guaranteed.

From seed to plant

The goal of this activity is aimed at discovering the secret of a seedling’s growth. Children will have the opportunity to plant a seedling in a pot filled with soil, which they can take home, where they can continue to take care of it, following the various stages of growth until they see and touch with their own hands the fruit of their commitment.

The scarecrow

This strange character, which was the protagonist of the fields in the past as an attentive guardian of the harvest, has today become a simple and fun decorative element of our farms. In this workshop, which always arouses a lot of interest in school groups that decide to include it in their educational path, children are invited to create by themselves a scarecrow as a group work starting from recycled material made available to them, so that they can give free rein to their creativity.

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